First and Second Class

The lessons for first and second class develop the ageing themes introduced at the Infants level. However, it is not essential that your class has completed the lessons at Infants level. The lessons for first and second class encourage the child to explore, through story, discussion, role-play, poems and art, similarities and differences between young people and older people. Some activities encourage contact between the children and older people they know. You may also consider inviting some older visitors into your classroom, particularly as an informant in some subject area, for example, crafts, science or history. During the test phase of this learning programme, feedback on some of these intergenerational activities was very positive.

It is recommended that you complete the theme Who is old? first, because it introduces the ageing concept and sets the scene for the other themes for first and second class.

The Online activities aim to reinforce the classroom-based learning and to develop the child's ICT skills, particularly the use of the mouse and basic keyboard skills. Extensive use is made of sound and photographs, which have mainly been taken in Ireland of Irish people. It is likely that most children will be able to follow the Take a look section and to attempt the multiple choice questions in the Have a go section. However, some teacher assistance may be required for some other activities, which introduce basic keyboard skills. The activities in the Things to do section provide the choice of completing the activities online, for example, using a word processor, or in the child's copy, as appropriate to your class.

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